These 5 Strategies To Improve Your Blog’s Search Rankings

Running a blog or site online is not that simple. It gets harder and harder to bring your source to the top of the search results. This makes it more difficult for bloggers and companies to deliver the information about their pages to the target audience and thus, many corporate and personal pages remain undiscovered for many years. The main reason that stands behind these problems is the lack of an effective search engine optimization strategy that may restrain your site from getting a higher ranking.

How to develop a good strategy? Many different ways and tactics can improve the situation and below we will give you a few good ideas for building up an efficient ranking SEO strategy that will work!

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How To SEO Your Website?

There are a few efficient methods that can help you bring your site or WordPress blog to the higher positions in the search results, but we have selected the most useful ones for you.

  1. Choosing a suitable name and providing all of the information about your blog or company in details – this may sound too simple, but it is an important step. Many aspiring bloggers make the same mistake trying to fit as many keywords as possible in the name as well as all sections of the blog. There is a wrong belief that this way your ranking will rise significantly. However, it usually leads to the opposite effect. Instead, you should devote enough time to choose a suitable, catchy and relevant title for your blog and then fill out all of the sections of your site with detailed and relevant data about you and your resource.
  2. Use of key phrases and words. This is one of the most common strategies applied by all specialists who work in the field of SEO and such vast popularity of this method can be easily explained by its high effectiveness. Keywords play an important role in search optimization and can be a powerful tool in the fight for top ranking, but using incorrect keywords can do more harm than good! How to use the keywords wisely? Be sure to research the popular keywords related to the theme of your site in order to understand what search phrases people use more often to find your site. There are many good tools that can help you in this matter. One of the most often used is Google Keyword Tool. This free tool will help you to create a whole list of keywords and phrases that you can use in your content, and it will also tell you how often each of them is requested by the users.
  3. Using hidden texts. Hidden text is the text that was created exclusively for the search engine and remains invisible for the visitors of your blog or site. This method will allow you to add more keywords to your blog without spoiling the quality of the posts, but you should be careful as this way, you risk earning a penalty!
  4. Benefit from the popularity of social media. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and other are highly popular today and thus, using them in your strategy is a wise decision – all you need to do is to create a few social pages and share the information about your blog there.
  5. Creating high-quality, unique and engaging content. Although this method is not the fastest one, it still can be called the most effective because only a good content can attract new readers and raise your position in Google.

Why Focus Your SEO Strategy On Google?

Being the dominating engine, it became the most popular way of searching for the information in the universe, and thus, everyone should strive to increase ranking results!

However, it will not be too easy. Google develops and improves its algorithms rapidly, and it has numerous penalties applied to web pages for violating the rules of proper SEO optimization. That is why you will have to keep an eye on all these quick changes constantly to have enough time to adjust your website’s content to all innovations.


Create SEO Friendly Content Keeping It Valuable And Useful!

Many users make one common mistake. They engage in optimization too much, therefore forgetting about the quality of the provided content, and this is one of those mistakes that you should not make to avoid the unpleasant consequences.

What not to do? There are a few simple tips that can help you avoid the issues with the quality of your site or blog:

  • Do not use too many ads on your pages;
  • Keep the content useful – don’t write texts that are aimed only on the SEO, keep them interesting and valuable for the readers;
  • Avoid using too many key phrases in your texts;
  • Do not make it too watery;
  • Do not use a huge number of links if there is no need for this.
The Guest Post is provided by a blogger Lisa Griffin whose lifestyle credo is “It’s much easier to grow your business by getting more traffic than by playing with your conversion rate.”

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