Why POS Products are still great for Advertising

Nowadays, the advertising focal point seems to be shifting to online methods and internet marketing. With a mass of people online every day, it’s not hard to see why this is happening, but businesses shouldn’t be sacrificing in store advertising for digital marketing. Using POS products should still be a huge part of every stores advertising strategy, and here’s just a few reasons why.


Investing in POS products is far more permanent that buying an advertising spot online or a spread in a magazine. You only have to pay once for snap frames or pavement signs, and you have them for life (as long as you care for them, of course). This means that they’re far cheaper in the long-term, and you can create continuity in your advertising methods.

Changing Up With Chalkboards

The contents of your POS products is incredibly easy to change. An example of this is chalkboards, which you can change easily and as often as you like without incurring huge costs. This is also true for items such as menu holders, snap frames, A boards and pavement signs – all of which you can basically just slip your advertising in and out of. This means if you have short term promotional deals or want to change an aspect of your advertisement, it’s not going to take a lot of effort.


You’re the Boss

Unlike with online advertisement, TV ads and pretty much all other forms of marketing, POS products allow you complete control over your advertisement. There’s no middle-man giving you restrictions on word count or a list of rules; you’ve got complete freedom over your content.


There’s a huge range of POS products available, meaning you can find what’s best suited for your business and marketing. Whether you need pavement signs to draw people in to your store, snap frames to promote new items, or chalkboards to shout about your daily specials, there’s a POS product for every situation. Each product itself is also very versatile, with the ability to personalise the content and how you use them. It’s all about what you do with your POS products that makes them so effective.

Impulsive Customers

If the customer is already near or inside your shop or business, they’re going to be much more easily persuaded by advertising. This is why POS products are arguably the best methods of showcasing new items and deals – if the customer is already there they’re going to be much more inclined to take notice of your offer. We all know how easy it is to step out for a few items and come back laden with bags; this is the art of in-store promotion and impulsive buying.

So there you have it – the traditional methods of advertising aren’t losing their effectiveness anytime soon. POS products are such a vital part of every businesses in-store marketing, giving you direct control over your advertisements and promoting deals and offers to customers already within your reach. Whilst there’s no denying the benefits of new age advertisements, it’s definitely not time to leave old-school POS products behind just yet.

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