Data Management Ideas for Business Owners

Thorough data management is more than just a good idea for your business, it’s a necessary form of risk management that can end up saving everything that you and your team have worked for. In just the past few years, data volumes have skyrocketed to an extent that surpasses any other amount of data creation seen in history. Everything from search engine rankings and customer data, to FLMA compliance and proper tax management depends on vital bits of data that no business owner can afford to have out of order.

It’s certainly possible to keep track of these manually, but it’s also possible to lose lots of precious time and capital over a simple human error that caused complex legal trouble. For your sake, the business’s sake, and the sake of every competent person working in the business who enjoys regular work, the following data management ideas should be considered.

Simplify Complicated Analytics

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The complexity of your company’s metrics doesn’t need to mean that you have to become an expert overnight. Instead of laboring over every decimal point in your business intelligence, you can instead invest in a data mining tool to save time. There are plenty of data mining and analytics solutions that not only pull up valuable insights, but also convert it into a form that anyone can understand through storylines and. If you need to cross-reference any data between the different sectors in your business, solutions like IBM Big Data Analytics can help you get a clear visual on any data that’s exclusively specific to whatever department that you single out for analysis.

Streamline Data Solutions

When you have multiple solutions to give insight into all of your data, it can still be overwhelming to keep track of the sheer volume of simple analytics. You can make things even more convenient by using a special tool that uses your pre-existing big data analytics software as sources of data. Rather than going over each and every report from all of your big data management tools, including HR software, you can use a program like InsightSquared to present you with only the most urgent parts of the reports. Just like individual analytics software solutions can be calibrated for drawing up specific kinds of analytics, the software that mines other analytics solutions can be calibrated to report only what you know matters the most from those reports.

Check Website Data

Even without a host of powerful big data management programs, you can still use your own website as point of reference for enlightening data mining. You can track the kinds of queries that most commonly lead visitors to your business’s website with Google Analytics, and you can check just where your website stands in the global rankings for any keyword that you specify with Long Tail Pro.

Fine-tune Customer Intelligence

Big data analysis tools don’t only allow you to keep track of your company’s interior statistics, but can also be used for customer analytics as well. Identifying all of the right pressure points to hit for the best chance at conversions can be a great way to bring your ROI up to the next level. There are plenty of programs that can keep you up to date with the basic metrics like referrals and page views, but the more thorough programs such as Opentracker will go a step further with things like visitor tracking. The more intimately you know how your visitors behave when they’re on every page of your site, the better equipped you’ll be to capitalize on what works the best.

The different ways that valuable business data can be managed are very numerous, and each of them can be a lifesaver. From the crucial administrative data on the inside, to the customer engagement metrics on the outside, your top and bottom line can both benefit from having high-quality data management solutions on every level.

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